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  Name Description
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Module Name: acapps - common include for ACPI applications/tools

accommon.h Common include files for generation of ACPICA source
acconfig.h Global configuration constants
acdebug.h ACPI/AML debugger
acdisasm.h AML disassembler
acdispat.h dispatcher (parser to interpreter interface)
acevents.h Event subcomponent prototypes and defines
acexcep.h Exception codes returned by the ACPI subsystem
acglobal.h Declarations for global variables
achware.h hardware specific interfaces
acinterp.h Interpreter subcomponent prototypes and defines
aclocal.h Internal data types used across the ACPI subsystem
acmacros.h C macros for the entire subsystem.
acnames.h Global names and strings
acnamesp.h Namespace subcomponent prototypes and defines
acobject.h Definition of ACPI_OPERAND_OBJECT (Internal object only)
acopcode.h AML opcode information for the AML parser and interpreter
acoutput.h debug output
acparser.h AML Parser subcomponent prototypes and defines
acpi.h Master public include file used to interface to ACPICA
acpiosxf.h All interfaces to the OS Services Layer (OSL). These
acpixf.h External interfaces to the ACPI subsystem

Name: acpredef - Information table for ACPI predefined methods and objects

acresrc.h Resource Manager function prototypes
acrestyp.h Defines, types, and structures for resource descriptors
acstruct.h Internal structs
actables.h ACPI table management
actbl.h Basic ACPI Table Definitions
actbl1.h Additional ACPI table definitions
actbl2.h ACPI Specification Revision 2.0 Tables
actypes.h Common data types for the entire ACPI subsystem
acutils.h prototypes for the common (subsystem-wide) procedures
amlcode.h Definitions for AML, as included in "definition blocks"
amlresrc.h AML resource descriptors